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Guy Gavriel Kay has a weblog: the entry for Sunday, March 07, 2004 - 10:25 am is absolutely hilarious.

Kay is probably my favorite serious author. And by serious, I mean the author I list as my favorite when I'm trying to be impressive, but I'm not sure it's quite fair to say it that way. There's something different about the way I love Tigana from the way I love Deep Secret or A Civil Campaign or The Phoenix Guards, to list a few other favorite books. It hits deeper. It stays longer. I have loved Tigana since high school, but I've never read it so much I wore it out, as I have the others I've listed. It's something completely different.

The Last Light of the Sun, I'm sorry to say, doesn't hit deeper. It doesn't stay longer. It's been a week since I've read it, and the thing I remember most about it is the scene where one of the characters is recounting his experience seeing the mosaics Crispin makes at the end of The Sarantine Mosaic.

The characters in the book are interesting and intelligent, the plot has tension and some of that inevitable tragedy that I love in Kay's books, I read it on the edge of my seat, but when I was done I was done and there's nothing that really lingers. And I don't know why.

Why does one book hit and one book miss, though there's nothing I can really point to and say "here is the difference"? Why does one scene cut, while another, that ought to be equally cutting, does nothing? Why does one character find a place in my heart, to stay there forever, and another slip away? Why?

It's a good book. I'll read it again. I'll love it as I read it again, even as I loved it reading the first time. Perhaps as time goes by it will gain associations in my mind and will come to mean more. Perhaps.

I'm not disappointed. Just a bit bewildered.


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