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I can't remember where I heard this story--I think it was one of my professors in graduate school. He told us about his roommate in college, or maybe someone he knew in high school, who just couldn't get calculus. And everyone thought he was one of those people who can't do math, but eventually it turned out that it was because he was really good at math and so when the teachers gave the explanations of calculus which everyone else skimmed over or ignored and took on trust, he couldn't do that, and it didn't make sense to him for a long time. But when he did eventually figure it out, he was much better at understanding calculus at an intuitive level than everyone else. That's the impression I get of Holden Caulfield, except with him it wasn't calculus, it was life. And I don't think he actually figured it out.

(I wish I could remember that story about the person who couldn't do calculus better. I have this feeling I really messed up the details, but I think the basic idea is right.)

I feel like life just has to be taken on trust. But maybe, if you don't, eventually you'd be able to work through life's equivalent of the epsilon-delta definition of a limit and so on, and find out that it actually makes sense.

But maybe not.


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