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I've been reading O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin books for a couple of months now, I guess, on and off, and I'm enjoying them quite a bit, not the least because with these books my usual mad desire to finish a book before I go to bed is muted by the knowledge that it doesn't matter if I finish a book or not. There will be some sort of resolution, but not any final resolution, and in all likelihood whatever I care about most will not even come close to being resolved. And even I am not so crazy as to want to finish ten books before going to bed. So I read however much I want, and I enjoy it in a leisurely way, which is somewhat unusual for me reading something I like for the first time.

The other strange thing about these books is that to me the plot feels constructed and the author's manipulations fairly obtrusive, and yet it doesn't spoil my enjoyment of it at all. I think this might be because it's the overall plot arc that feels constructed, whereas the detail level plot feels very natural.

6/8/04: Well, I was wrong after all, at least about this book. The resolution was the resolution that I cared about, and I was very happy with it.


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