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Well, that was unsatisfying.

SPOILERS, ALL SPOILERS: Look, I'm as much a fan as the next person of details building up and clarifying the world and people having increasingly clear theories based on more and more evidence building up about what's going on, but if you have a book that's part of a series with an ongoing plot, and the plot of the book is focused on the ongoing plot of the series, but if at the end of the book nothing has changed about the ongoing plot of the series, then that is annoying.

Yes, we now know that the Faceless Man has an identity, but since it's a boring identity I don't really care. It doesn't change anything if they still can't find him, especially if he has access to perfect face-changing disguise magic anyway. And he got away and Lesley got away and why am I supposed to care about anything that happened? Because Peter has a theory? Which might be wrong, or skewed, or anything? What changed that matters to me?

On the other hand, I suppose I should be glad there haven't been any more "and then Lesley turned out to be a traitor" kinds of moments, shouldn't I?

I just feel like this series is holding back. I thought things were building up as the book pulled in more and more references from earlier in the series, and then it all just flopped with another big scene in which everyone gets away. It felt exactly like the end of Broken Homes except without the gut punch of Lesley. I mean, I hated that, but at least it had impact.


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