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This was not what I was expecting at all.

Some time a long time ago, I watched the anime version of Fruits Basket, which only covers the first few volumes of the manga and ends without much resolution.

So going into this, I knew that the manga was longer than the anime, but I had no idea how much longer, or how different it would seem in its longer form.

Basically, I thought this was a story about a curse. It's not, really. It's a story about a very large group of characters and their interactions, how their families affected them, how their circumstances affected them, how they affected each other and change each other and supported each other and found their way through life -- oh, and some of these characters are under a curse.

And looking back at the story, it really wouldn't have worked with the tone for there to be a big curse-breaking thing, though all the way to the end I was subconsciously expecting that eventually someone would figure out the curse and break it.

I was not expecting the curse to simply run its course, but it worked.

So really, this is a great example of little tiny revelations that eventually change everything completely, because by the end, the story of the curse's origin, that it was not intended as a curse -- it didn't come as a shock, it seemed really natural and in keeping, though I'm pretty sure that at the beginning, that explanation wouldn't have seemed nearly as plausible.

So basically, there's not a lot of meaty curse mechanics, but there's a lot of story, and a lot of sympathy and understanding for a lot of very different characters. The only real criticism I had was that I found it hard to keep track of all the characters.
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