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I have no idea if I'm typing faster yet. I really should have made some sort of baseline, just to know. However it falls, I'm still typing quite slowly if I stop and compare it with how I know I used to type; I'm just getting used to it. Do I want to get used to typing slowly? Oh well.

I forgot to mention when I was talking about the Ivory books that Ivoran marriage is really cool. It takes four months to be completely married, with a little bit of a private ceremony each month. There's something in that which really appeals to me theoretically.
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I have decided to switch and use the Dvorak layout instead of the Qwerty keyboard layout. I type a lot, and so RSI is something that I think about every now and then, and Dvorak is supposed to be more comfortable and also (possibly) faster. Right now it's painfully slow. Glacially slow. And I'm making a number of stupid mistakes, and not necessarily the mistakes that one would expect--the ones where I hit the Qwerty key instead of the Dvorak key. I do that too, but sometimes I also hit some completely random wrong key, for no apparent reason. Probably because I'm trying to go too fast, so my brain says, oh, I don't know what key to press, but I know it isn't <qwerty key>, so I'll just press <random key that isn't qwerty key>.

Did I mention how slowly I'm typing?


It's supposed to take a month to get back up to speed. I think if I'm not typing much, much faster in a couple of weeks, I'm going to switch back. Because it's all very well, and I should give it a fair chance, but this is really absurd.


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