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(01/17)The Nightmare Before Christmas
(01/17)Cowboy BebopComplete series
(01/17)Mr. Holmes
(01/17)Constellations (live)
(02/17)The Man From U.N.C.L.E.Season 4
(02/17)X-Men: Days of Future Past
(02/17)X-Men: Apocalypse
(03/17)Doctor Strange
(03/17)LeverageSeason 3 + commentary
(0?/17)Nero WolfeSeason 1, Disk 1
(04/17)The LibrariansSeason 1
(04/17)Growing Up SafariAll episodes
(04/17)The LibrariansSeason 2
(04/17)The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)
(04/17)The AmericansSeason 4, Episodes 1-8
(05/17)La La Land
(05/17)To Walk Invisible
(05/17)Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
(0?/17)LeverageSeason 4, Episodes 1-11 + commentary
(06/17)The Little Prince
(06/17)Sapphire & SteelThe Complete Series
(06/17)The Good PlaceSeason 1
(07/17)True DetectiveSeason 1
(07/17)Prince of Foxes
(07/17)The AmericansSeason 4, Episodes 9-13
(08/17)Rurouni KenshinOrigins
(08/17)Doctor Who: The Robots of Death
(08/17)This Beautiful Fantastic
(08/17)Peaky BlindersSeries 1
(09/17)Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
(09/17)The SandbaggersThe Complete Series
(09/17)Black Swan
(09/17)The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (live)
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(01/16)Inside Out
(01/16)Pride and Prejudice (1982)All episodes
(01/16)E. O. Wilson: Of Ants and Men
(01/16)The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
(01/16)Enchanted April (live)
(01/16)The Lion in Winter (live)
(02/16)The MusketeersSeries 1, Episodes 4-10
(02/16)Despicable Me
(03/16)Elephant's Graveyard (live)
(03/16)Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The MovieBeginnings, Eternal, Rebellion
(03/16)The AmericansSeason 3
(03/16)Czech Dream
(03/16)The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Season 1
(04/16)Star Wars: The Forces Awakens
(04/16)Whisper of the Heart
(04/16)Death Comes to PemberleyAll episodes
(04/16)Cities of the World: Prague
(05/16)Mockingjay - Part 2
(06/16)BroadchurchSeries 1
(06/16)Rick Steves EuropeEastern Europe, Episodes 1-4
(06/16)Watership Down (1978)
(07/16)The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Season 2
(08/16)Emma (2009)All episodes
(09/16)Follies (live)
(09/16)It Started with Eve
(09/16)Night Watch (BBC Radio)All episodes
(10/16)Nature: Natural Born HustlersAll episodes
(11/16)Captain America: Civil War
(12/16)The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Season 3
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(01/15)LeverageSeason 3
(01/15)LeverageSeason 4
(02/15)LeverageSeason 5
(02/15)LeverageSeason 1
(02/15)The AmericansSeason 1
(02/15)The AmericansSeason 2
(03/15)Life on Mars (UK)Series 1
(03/15)Back to the Future
(03/15)An Ideal Husband
(03/15)LeverageSeason 2 + commentary
(03/15)On Her Majesty's Secret Service
(04/15)Song of the Sea
(04/15)Orphan BlackSeason 1
(04/15)Orphan BlackSeason 2, Episodes 1-5
(04/15)Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesSeries 1, Episodes 1-7
(04/15)Mockingjay - Part 1
(05/15)Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesSeries 1, Episodes 8-10
(05/15)How to Train Your Dragon 2
(06/15)Ballet Shoes
(06/15)Pride and Prejudice (2005)
(06/15)Orange is the New BlackSeason 1, Episodes 1-4
(06/15)Finding Vivian Maier
(06/15)Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesSeries 1, Episodes 11-13
(06/15)Masters of MoneyKeynes, Hayek, Marx
(07/15)Princess TutuAll episodes
(07/15)Wolf Children
(07/15)Into the Woods (2014)
(08/15)Orphan BlackSeason 2, Episodes 6-10
(08/15)Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me
(08/15)Howl's Moving Castle
(0?/15)Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesSeries 2
(09/15)As Time Goes BySeries 4
(09/15)Orphan BlackSeason 3, Episodes 1-5
(09/15)The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
(10/15)Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
(10/15)EurekaSeason 1
(11/15)Orphan BlackSeason 3, Episodes 6-10
(11/15)The Man From UNCLESeason 1, Episodes 1-7
(11/15)Mad Max: Fury Road
(11/15)Puella Magi Madoka MagicaAll episodes
(12/15)When Marnie Was There
(12/15)Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesSeries 3
(12/15)The MusketeersSeries 1, Episodes 1-4
(??/15)Moon Over Buffalo (live)
(??/15)All the Way (live)
(??/15)Company (live)
(??/15)Angel Street (Gaslight) (live)
(??/15)Rumors (live)
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(01/14)The Shop Around the Corner
(01/14)The Wall
(02/14)Before Midnight
(02/14)Immortal Beloved
(0?/14)Ocean's Eleven (2001)
(03/14)Thor: The Dark World
(03/14)LeverageSeason 1
(03/14)Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 7
(03/14)LeverageSeason 2
(03/14)The Proposal
(04/14)Ender's Game
(05/14)Project RunwaySeason 11
(06/14)The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
(06/14)Veronica Mars (2014)
(07/14)The Short Game
(08/14)Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
(09/14)Avatar: The Last AirbenderBook 1: Water
(09/14)The Grand Budapest Hotel
(10/14)Avatar: The Last AirbenderBook 2: Earth
Book 3: Fire
(10/14)The Human Scale
(10/14)As Time Goes BySeries 1 & 2
(11/14)As Time Goes BySeries 3
(1?/14)Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
(1?/14)The Wind Rises
(12/14)The Lord Peter Wimsey MysteriesClouds of Witnesses
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
The Nine Tailors
(12/14)Guardians of the Galaxy
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(01/13)The American President
(01/13)Step Up Revolution
(01/13)Captain America: The First Avenger
(01/13)FarscapeSeason 2, Episode 4
(01/13)Shakespeare High
(01/13)Farewell, My Queen
(01/13)Ruby Sparks
(01/13)Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
(0?/13)Little Miss Sunshine
(02/13)Robot and Frank
(02/13)Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)
(02/13)AngelSeason 3
(03/13)10 Things I Hate About You
(03/13)Downton AbbeySeason 3, Episode 1
(04/13)Project RunwaySeason 7
(04/13)Where Do We Go Now?
(04/13)A Royal Affair
(04/13)The Forsyte Saga (2002)Series 1
(04/13)Project RunwaySeason 8
(05/13)Project RunwaySeason 9
(05/13)Angel (2007)
(07/13)Center Stage: Turn it Up
(07/13)Project RunwaySeason 10
(08/13)The Incredible Hulk
(08/13)Center Stage
(08/13)Iron Man
(08/13)White CollarSeason 1
(08/13)Murder Must Advertise (1973)All episodes
(??/13)Dorothy L. Sayers MysteriesAll episodes
(09/13)Iron Man 3
(10/13)From Up on Poppy Hill
(10/13)The Garden of Words
(11/13)Much Ado About Nothing (2012)
(12/13)Pacific Rim
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(01/12)Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald
(01/12)Gilmore GirlsSeason 5, Episodes 21-22
(01/12)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe Deadly Years
Wolf in the Fold
(01/12)Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
(01/12)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe Trouble with Tribbles
The Gamesters of Triskelion
(01/12)Gilmore GirlsSeason 6, Episodes 1-4
(01/12)Monsters, Inc.
(01/12)Cold Weather
(01/12)Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
(01/12)Reclaiming the Blade
(01/12)X-Men: First Class
(01/12)Finding Neverland
(01/12)Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
(01/12)Attack the Block
(02/12)Star Trek: The Original SeriesA Piece of the Action
The Immunity Syndrome
(02/12)Sarah's Key
(02/12)Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
(02/12)Bend It Like Beckham
(02/12)Star Trek: The Original SeriesA Private Little War
Return to Tomorrow
(02/12)Before Sunrise
(02/12)Before Sunset
(02/12)The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
(03/12)Rob Roy
(03/12)Midnight in Paris
(03/12)Star Trek: The Original SeriesPatterns of Force
(03/12)The Adventures of Tintin
(03/12)Today's Special
(04/12)Romantics Anonymous
(04/12)The Tempest (2010)
(04/12)Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
(05/12)Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 5
(05/12)AngelSeason 2
(05/12)Strictly Ballroom
(05/12)Gilmore GirlsSeason 6, Episodes 5-20
(06/12)The Secret World of Arrietty
(06/12)50 First Dates
(06/12)The Brother From Another Planet
(07/12)The Artist
(07/12)Gilmore GirlsSeason 6, Episodes 21-22
(07/12)Gilmore GirlsSeason 7
(08/12)Mary and Max
(08/12)Gone With the Wind
(08/12)Pride and Prejudice (1995)All episodes and extras
(08/12)Star Trek: The Original SeriesBy Any Other Name
The Omega Glory
(09/12)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe Ultimate Computer
Bread and Circuses
Assignment: Earth
(09/12)FarscapeSeason 1, Episodes 1-4
(09/12)The Hunger Games
(09/12)Ashes of Time Redux
(09/12)Sense and Sensibility (1995)
(10/12)Lars and the Real Girl
(10/12)FarscapeSeason 1, Episodes 5-13
(10/12)The Illusionist
(10/12)The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
(10/12)The Avengers
(11/12)First Position
(11/12)Babylon 5: The Gathering
(11/12)Prince Caspian
(11/12)Iron Man 2
(12/12)FarscapeSeason 1, Episodes 14-22
(12/12)Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 6
(12/12)The Secret of Kells
(12/12)FarscapeSeason 2, Episodes 1-3
(12/12)Remington SteeleSeason 1, Episode 1&2
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(01/11)Gilmore GirlsSeason 2, Episodes 12-22
(01/11)Fruits BasketEpisodes 1-6
(02/11)The Secret Garden (1993)
(02/11)The Queen
(02/11)Despicable Me
(02/11)Slings & ArrowsSeason 2
(02/11)The Art of Steal
(02/11)Fruits BasketEpisodes 7-19
(02/11)In the Mood for Love
(03/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesSpace Seed
(03/11)The Duellists
(03/11)Fruits BasketEpisodes 20-26
(03/11)Spirited Away
(03/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesA Taste of Armageddon
(03/11)Castle in the Sky
(04/11)Citizen Kane
(04/11)Slings & ArrowsSeason 3
(04/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThis Side of Paradise
(04/11)Waiting for "Superman"
(04/11)Mission: ImpossibleSeason 2, Disk 5, first 2 episodes
(05/11)Gilmore GirlsSeason 3
(05/11)Mission: ImpossibleSeason 7, Disk 1, first 2 episodes
(05/11)Avatar: The Last AirbenderBook 1: Water, Volume 1
(05/11)Kiki's Delivery Service
(05/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesDevil in the Dark
Errand of Mercy
(05/11)84 Charing Cross Road
(05/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe Alternative Factor
(05/11)Avatar: The Last AirbenderBook 1: Water, Volume 2
(06/11)Jumpin' Jack Flash
(06/11)The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
(06/11)The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
(06/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe City of the Edge of Forever
(06/11)Kung Fu Panda
(07/11)The King's Speech
(07/11)Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
(07/11)Avatar: The Last AirbenderBook 1: Water, Volumes 3-4
(07/11)The Adjustment Bureau
(07/11)Summer Wars
(07/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesAmok Time
Who Mourns for Adonais?
(08/11)True Grit
(08/11)Source Code
(08/11)Avatar: The Last AirbenderBook 1: Water, Volume 5
(08/11)Ghost in the Shell
(08/11)Between the Folds
(09/11)Avatar: The Last AirbenderBook 2: Earth, Volume 1
(09/11)Gilmore GirlsSeason 4
(10/11)Avatar: The Last AirbenderBook 2: Earth, Volumes 3-4
Book 3: Fire, Volumes 1-4
(11/11)Finding Nemo
(11/11)Real Genius
(11/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe Changeling
Mirror, Mirror
The Apple
The Doomsday Machine
(11/11)The Red Shoes
(11/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesI, Mudd
(12/11)The Incredibles
(12/11)Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 4
(12/11)AngelSeason 1
(12/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesMetamorphosis
Journey to Babel
(12/11)The Pope's Toilet
(12/11)Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
(12/11)Star Trek: The Original SeriesFriday's Child
(12/11)Gilmore GirlsSeason 5, Episodes 1-20
(12/11)Peter Pan (2003)
(12/11)Super 8
(12/11)Cars 2
(12/11)Grave of the Fireflies
(12/11)Cowboys & Aliens
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(01/10)Robin of SherwoodEpisodes 3 & 4
(01/10)The House of Flying Daggers
(01/10)Star Trek: The Original SeriesWhat Are Little Girls Made Of?
(01/10)The Vicar of DibleySeries 3
(01/10)Robin of SherwoodEpisodes 5-7
(01/10)Star Trek: The Original SeriesDagger of the Mind
The Corbomite Maneuver
The Menagerie
(02/10)Gran Torino
(02/10)Lone Star
(02/10)Star Trek (2009)
(02/10)Sherlock Holmes
(02/10)The Jewel in the CrownEpisode 1
(02/10)She's the Man
(03/10)Pushing DaisiesSeason 1, 1-3
(03/10)The Jewel in the CrownEpisodes 2-3
(03/10)Pushing DaisiesSeason 1, 4-6
(03/10)The Jewel in the CrownEpisodes 4-14
(06/10)Pushing DaisiesSeason 1, 7-9
(06/10)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe Conscience of the King
Balance of Terror
Shore Leave
The Galileo Seven
(06/10)Galaxy Quest
(06/10)Ballet Shoes (2007)
(08/10)The Ghost Writer
(08/10)Rent (Filmed Live on Broadway)
(09/10)CampionDancers in Mourning
Flowers for the Judge
(09/10)National Velvet
(09/10)Gilmore GirlsSeason 1, Episodes 1-4
(10/10)Pan's Labyrinth
(10/10)Lost in AustenAll episodes
(10/10)Gilmore GirlsSeason 1, Episodes 5-13
(10/10)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe Squire of Gothos
Tomorrow is Yesterday
Court Martial
(10/10)How to Train Your Dragon
(11/10)My Neighbor Totoro
(10/10)Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe Return of the Archons
(11/10)High Noon
(11/10)Gilmore GirlsSeason 1, Episodes 14-21
(11/10)Evening Primrose
(11/10)Toy Story 3
(11/10)Slings & ArrowsSeason 1
(11/10)ShogunFirst couple hours
(12/10)Hamlet (David Tennant as Hamlet)
(12/10)Up in the Air
(12/10)Gilmore GirlsSeason 2, Episodes 1-8
(12/10)Easy A
(12/10)Exit Through the Gift Shop
(12/10)Gilmore GirlsSeason 2, Episodes 9-11
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(01/09)Criminal MindsSeason 2
(01/09)Grosse Pointe Blank
(01/09)The Blues Brothers
(01/09)High Fidelity
(02/09)Notes on a Scandal
(02/09)Noises Off!
(02/09)The River
(02/09)Numb3rsSeason 1
(02/09)Ocean's Thirteen
(02/09)Cirque du Soleil: Fire Within Episodes 1-5
(03/09)Monarch of the GlenSeason 1
(03/09)Cirque du Soleil: Fire Within Episodes 6-13
(03/09)The History Boys
(04/09)Cirque du Soleil: Dralion
(04/09)Criminal MindsSeason 3
(05/09)North & SouthAll episodes
(05/09)X-Men Origins: Wolverine
(05/09)Toy Story
(05/09)About a Boy
(05/09)Trading Places
(05/09)Music and Lyrics
(05/09)Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
(05/09)The Jane Austen Book Club
(05/09)Anastasia (animated)
(05/09)Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
(05/09)The Remains of the Day
(06/09)Toy Story 2
(06/09)Brokeback Mountain
(07/09)Anastasia (1956)
(07/09)La Boheme
(08/09)Julie and Julia
(08/09)His Girl Friday
(08/09)The World's Fastest Indian
(08/09)A Bug's Life
(08/09)The Reader
(09/09)Stranger Than Fiction
(09/09)Wives and DaughtersAll episodes
(09/09)In the Heat of the Night
(09/09)Star Trek: The Original SeriesSeason 1, episodes 1-4
(10/09)Howl's Moving Castle
(10/09)Lilo and Stitch
(10/09)The PrisonerEpisode 1
(10/09)Star Trek: The Original SeriesSeason 1, episodes 5-6
(11/09)The Vicar of Dibley10th Anniversary Specials
(11/09)The Vicar of DibleySeries 1 & 2
(11/09)FireflyEpisodes 1-3
(11/09)The Sting
(11/09)FireflyEpisodes 4-7
(11/09)Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
(12/09)FireflyEpisodes 8-14
(12/09)Leon the Professional
(12/09)Victor Victoria
(12/09)Slumdog Millionaire
(12/09)Numb3rsSeason 2, misc. previously missed episodes
(12/09)Robin of SherwoodEpisodes 1 & 2
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(01/08)Upstairs, DownstairsOut of the Everywhere
An Object of Value
A Special Mischief
The Fruits of Love
The Wages of Sin
A Family Gathering
(01/08)Connections 2Something for Nothing
Echoes of the Past
Photo Finish
Separate Ways
(01/08)Jeeves & WoosterSeason 4, Part I
(01/08)Love Actually
(02/08)Jeeves & WoosterSeason 4, Part II
(02/08)Upstairs, Downstairs(more)
(03/08)The Fiddler on the Roof
(03/08)Bridge to Terabithia
(03/08)The AvengersThe Hour that Never Was
Dial a Deadly Number
(04/08)Upstairs, Downstairs(more)
(04/08)Music and Lyrics
(05/08)Monty Python and the Holy Grail
(05/08)Bullets Over Broadway
(06/08)Monty Python's Life of Brian
(06/08)Much Ado about Nothing
(06/08)Sense and Sensibility
(06/08)Singing in the Rain
(07/08)Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
(08/08)Cold Comfort Farm
(09/08)The Awful Truth
(10/08)My Mother's Castle
(10/08)Children of Heaven
(10/08)Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
(10/08)Spiderman 2
(10/08)Mr. and Mrs. Smith
(11/08)And When Did You Last See Your Father?
(11/08)Criminal MindsSeason 1
(11/08)Ugly BettySeason 1, Episodes 1&2
(11/08)Peter Pan
(12/08)Mona Lisa Smile
(12/08)Little Miss Sunshine
(12/08)Batman: The Dark Knight
(12/08)Man On Wire
(12/08)Mamma Mia!
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(0?/??/07)The AvengersMurdersville
Mission highly improbable
The forget-me-knot
(0?/??/07)The AvengersThe bird who knew too much
The winged avenger
(0?/??/07)The AvengersYou have just been murdered
The positive-negative man
(0?/??/07)Fawlty TowersThe hotel inspectors
The Germans
A touch of class
(0?/??/07)Fawlty TowersThe builders
The wedding party
The psychiatrist
(05/??/07)Wodehouse PlayhouseThe truth about George
Romance at Droitwich Spa
(05/??/07)Spiderman 3
(05/??/07)Veronica MarsSeason 1
(05/1?/07)The AvengersThe 50,000 breakfast
Dead man's treasure
(05/1?/07)Fawlty TowersGourmet night
Waldorf salad
The kipper and the corpse
(05/??/07)The Duchess of Duke StreetA present sovereign
(05/28/07)Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 7
(06/1?/07)Veronica MarsSeason 2
(06/1?/07)The AvengersThe town of no return
The gravediggers
(06/19/07)Fawlty TowersCommunications problems
The anniversary
Basil the rat
(06/24/07)Jeeves & WoosterBertie sets sail
The full house
Introduction on Broadway
(06/24/07)NeverwhereEpisodes 1-3 (Sort of. Unfortunately, the library has only one copy and the disk was scratched. Episodes 2 & 3 were pretty much unwatchable except for a few minutes here and there.)
(06/29/07)Galaxy Quest
(06/30/07)Jeeves & WoosterRight ho, Jeeves
Hot off the press
Comrade Bingo
(06/30/07)NeverwhereEpisodes 4-6
(07/03/07)Star Trek: The Original SeriesMirror, mirror
The deadly years
(07/0?/07)Jeeves & WoosterJeeves in the country
Jeeves the matchmaker
(07/1?/07)The AvengersThe Cybernauts
Death at bargain prices
(07/13/07)Finding Neverland
(07/27/07)Jeeves & WoosterJeeves Takes Charge
Tuppy and the Terrier
The Purity of the Turf
(08/02/07)The AvengersCastle De'ath
The master minds
(08/12/07)Cyrano de Bergerac
(08/15/07)X-Men: The Last Stand
(08/16/07)Jeeves & WoosterThe Hunger Strike
Brinkley Manor
(08/18/07)The Passenger
(08/30/07)AngelSeason 1
(09/08/07)Upstairs, DownstairsOn Trial
The Mistress and the Maids
Board Wages
The Path of Duty
(09/0?/07)Doctor WhoRose
The End of the World
The Unquiet Dead
(09/27/07)Kiss Me, Kate
(09/28/07)AngelSeason 2
(09/29/07)Upstairs, DownstairsA Suitable Marriage
A Cry for Help
Magic Casements
I Dies from Love
(10/0?/07)ConnectionsThe Trigger Effect
Death in the Morning
(10/05/07)Upstairs, DownstairsWhy Is Her Door Locked?
A Voice from the Past
The Swedish Tiger
The Key of the Door
(10/07/07)Into the Woods
(10/0?/07)ConnectionsDistant voices
Faith in numbers
(10/09/07)Upstairs, DownstairsFor Love of Love
(10/21/07)Upstairs, DownstairsThe New Man
A Pair of Exiles
Married Love
Whom God hath Joined...
(11/??/07)AngelSeason 3
(11/??/07)Jeeves & WoosterJeeves saves the cow-creamer
A plan for Gussie
Pearls mean tears.
(11/??/07)ConnectionsThunder in the Skies
The Long Chain
Eat, Drink and Be Merry
(11/??/07)AngelSeason 4
(11/??/07)Upstairs, DownstairsGuest of Honour
The Property of a Lady
Your Obedient Servant
(12/??/07)AngelSeason 5
(12/??/07)The CompanyParts I, II & III
(12/??/07)Connections 2Revolutions
Sentimental Journeys
Getting It Together


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